Supporting women through pregnancy and beyond

Mackenzie Health offers comprehensive care for women during pregnancy and after their delivery. Find out what they have to offer. Click on the picture and scroll to page 16, or click here: Supporting Women Through Pregnancy and Beyond

Supporting women through pregnancy and beyond

Should you phase out plastic food containers?

More information comes out every day about the hazards of plastic food containers for children’s lunches. Should we be avoiding them altogether? Or are we worrying unnecessarily? Find out in my article in Being Well Magazine (Southlake Hospital). Click the picture and scroll to page 32.

Should you phase out plastic food containers

Growing up with a food allergy

Does your child have a food allergy? Find out about diagnosis and treatment of food allergies in my article in Being Well Magazine (SouthLake Hospital). Click the picture and scroll to page 30.

Growing up with a food allergy

Brain condition can mimic dementia

Gilda Katz felt like she was losing control of her body. “I felt like I was walking funny. It was like I was walking on gum, like the earth was pulling me down, like my feet were stuck to the floor,” she recalls of a period more than 10 years ago. “I had been a fairly good swimmer and I lost my ability to paddle kick. Also, I was working as a social worker at the time and I couldn’t get my notes organized. I had started to wet myself. It was awful.”

Gilda saw specialist after specialist and continued to suffer symptoms until, years later, a neurologist diagnosed hydrocephalus.

Find out about this debilitating condition, how it is often mistaken for dementia, and how it is treated, in my article in Being Well Magazine.

The top summer home renovations and how to pay for them

When Alexander Bielecki and his family first moved into their Toronto townhouse, the basement was old and dated with a lack of storage and an uneven floor. The backyard needed new patio stones and an extension. He called upon Cale Cook, president of CD Cook General Contracting Ltd., to help rejuvenate his home.

Cook evened out the ground in the basement, fixed a leak and installed a new closet and wall unit. In the backyard, he ripped up the old interlock, installed new bigger stones and extended the patio into the existing lawn. Now “we can watch TV as a family in the basement and we entertain in the backyard, which is something we didn’t use to be able to do,” says Bielecki. Future plans include installing a gas fireplace on the main floor and building new closets in the master bedroom.

Bielecki is one of many homeowners who are upgrading and modernizing their residences this year. Most are choosing to work with a contractor either to take control of the entire job or to handle certain parts of the project.

Find out what the most popular home renovations are this year and some advice from contractors in my article on:


Managing your type 2 diabetes

If you’re living with type 2 diabetes, you’re certainly not alone. It is estimated that about 2 million Canadians and more than 200 million people worldwide have the disease. It can lead to serious health issues, including blindness, heart disease, kidney problems or nerve damage. But, if you take care of yourself and your diabetes, you can prevent or delay these complications and enjoy good health.

Find out how in my article from HealthTime Magazine (MacKenzie Health)!

Toronto students publish newspaper despite teachers’ dispute

Ontario teachers’ work-to-rule action has affected students for months now, as  teachers have been refusing to lead extracurricular activities. So a group of  Toronto students banded together to independently publish their school  newspaper.

Find out how they did this without any help from their teachers, in my article on:


Samantha Barks is heavenly as Éponine in Les Misérables

samantha-barks-sings-on-my-own-in-les-mis-trailerLes Misérables is a triumph on the big screen, with stellar performances by Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen, and many others. But the one who took  my breath away was relative unknown Samantha Barks, who played the lovely Éponine.

Find out more in my article on:


Bad 25 — A Thanksgiving treat for Jackson fans

After much anticipation, I finally had the opportunity to watch Spike Lee’s  documentary, Bad 25, about Michael Jackson’s historic album. And what a treat it  was!

Find out what I thought of the documentary, in my article on:

Pregnancy test may have saved man’s life

Just in time for Movember…

A man recently found one of his ex-girlfriend’s unused pregnancy tests in his  apartment. As a joke, he took the test. Much to his surprise, it turned out  positive. Little did he know at the time, but this test may have saved his life.

Read more in my article on:


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